I run a workshop on the benefits of disconnecting from the internet called Healthy Tech Habits.

The workshop is aimed at any organisation with staff or students who are tired of mindlessly checking their emails or scrolling social media. I draw upon the latest research to explain the cost of being constantly connected to the internet as well as provide practical tips on how to optimise time and reduce stress when online.

Please contact me for more details.


Elliott Mitchell

"The session was engaging and incredibly well received by the attendees. I would be happy to recommend this session to any organisation that is serious about the health and wellbeing of their staff to optimise employee performance and wellbeing."

Elliott Mitchell, Consultant - Employee Relations, Health, Safety & Wellbeing at MLC Life Insurance

Trish Knight

"Alex points out the finer details of how attachment to our devices can hinder our sleep, relationships, and important face-to-face everyday interactions.  His workshop is both informative and practical with many useful ideas for reducing time online and embracing the real world!”

Trish Knight, Manager - Staff Wellness at Victoria University of Wellington

Jude West 2_resized

“Alex has combined a deep understanding of technology and how we use it along with its impact on wellbeing and productivity. Anyone can put in to action his time-saving and life-enhancing tools, beneficial for students and those working in a self-directed role. Alex is a delight to work with. His presentations are easy to understand, well received and engaging for any audience.”

Jude West, Wellbeing Advisor Mental Health at Victoria University of Wellington