public seminars / panels

  • Making disconnection, TEQ talks, The Visual Effects Society, Miramar Creative Centre, October 2019.
  • Wellbeing in the workplace, HealthCentral, NZME, May 2019.
  • Resisting surveillance, Center for Science in Society, Victoria University of Wellington, March 2019.

guest lectures

  • Disconnection, Resistance and Alternative Modes of Operation, Social Media and Design, University of Technology Sydney, May 2020.
  • Digital disconnection and new media, Science and Humanities, Victoria University of Wellington, April 2020.
  • Big data, recommendation algorithms and the datafication of music consumption, Future Music, Massey University, May 2019.
  • Disconnecting in a connected world, Mobile and Ubiquitous Media, Victoria University of Wellington, Aug 2018/2019.
  • Music, ecocriticism and digital clutter, Future music, Massey University, May 2018.

conference papers

  • Framing digital wellbeing as a social good, AAHPSSS, Wellington, Nov 2019.
  • Move slow and contemplate things, AoIR, Brisbane, Oct 2019.
  • From an attention economy to an intention economy, 4S, New OrleansSept 2019.
  • Making quiet: the manufacture of disconnection, CODE 2k18, Swinburne University, Nov 2018.
  • “Our minds can be hijacked?!” The custodians of affect in Silicon Valley, SEFTMS PG Conference, Victoria University of Wellington, Aug 2018.
  • A critique on the right to disconnect, IP & Media Law Conference, The University of Melbourne, Apr 2018.
  • The flipside of the divide, Cultures of Capitalism, CSAA, Massey University, Dec 2017.
  • A future digital divide? SEFTMS PG Conference, Victoria University of Wellington, Aug 2017.

closed seminars / panels

  • Immunity from surveillance: a magazine that forces you to disconnect from the internet, SEFTMS PG Seminar Series, Victoria University of Wellington, Mar 2018.
  • Long live the humanities! SEFTMS PG Conference, Victoria University of Wellington, Aug 2017.

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